General Terms and Conditions and Customer Information

§ 1 General, Definitions

(1) The following terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply in the form valid at the time of ordering to the business relationship between the seller and the customer.

(2) A consumer is any natural person who is concluding a legal transaction which cannot be primarily attributed to their commercial or independent professional activities. In terms of business conditions, entrepreneurs are natural or legal persons, or partnerships with legal capacity, who are exercising their commercial or independent business activities upon conclusion of the legal transaction. In terms of business conditions, customers are both consumers and entrepreneurs.

 (3) Individual contract agreements have priority over these Terms and Conditions. Deviating, conflicting or supplementary T&Cs do not form part of the contract, unless their validity has been expressly agreed.


§ 2 Conclusion of Contract

(1) The presentation of the goods on the seller’s website does not constitute an offer for sale in a legal sense, but is merely an invitation to the customer to submit an offer in legal terms. The ordered goods may vary slightly within reason from the goods presented online due to reasons of technical feasibility and presentation possibilities, this particularly includes deviations in colour, in so far as this is reasonable.

(2) By clicking the ‘Buy now’ button, you submit a binding order for the goods within the shopping basket.

(3) The seller will promptly confirm receipt of the customer’s order by email.

a) In the case of payment by cash on delivery, the sales contract does not come into force upon receipt of the order confirmation but only once a separate email has been sent with a confirmation of order, or upon delivery of the goods. The seller is entitled to accept the contract offer contained in the order within 2 business days in the case of cash on delivery. It shall be tantamount to acceptance if the seller ships the ordered goods within this time period.

b) In the case of payment by immediate transfer, PayPal or credit card, the contract comes into force upon receipt of the payment order. For payments by SEPA direct debit, the contract comes into force as soon as the money leaves the account. The condition for effective contract conclusion is always that the ordering process is concluded with the sending of the order.

(4) In the case of incorrect or improper delivery, contract conclusion is subject to the seller’s right to non- or partial performance of the contract. This shall only apply in the event that the seller is not responsible for non-delivery and has concluded with due diligence a specific covering transaction with the supplier. The seller will make all reasonable efforts to procure the goods. Otherwise, the payment for the goods shall be returned immediately. The customer shall be immediately informed in the event of the non-availability or partial availability of the goods.

(5) If the customer orders the goods electronically, the contract text shall be saved by the seller following contract conclusion and sent to the customer by email together with the legally effective terms and conditions.

(6) If the customer is a reseller i.e. intends to commercially resell the procured goods, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract.


§ 3 Cancellation Right of Consumers and Sample Cancellation Form

a) Right of Cancellation for Sales Contracts/Concluded Contracts in the Online Shop

Consumers - i.e. any natural person who is concluding a legal transaction which cannot be primarily attributed to their commercial or independent professional activities - can revoke their contractual acceptance for remuneration contracts under the following conditions: 

Notice of Cancellation

Right of cancellation

You have a right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without providing any reasons.

The cancellation period totals fourteen days from the day on which you, or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, took possession of the last product.

To exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us (Media-Concept GmbH, Biberger Str. 93, 82008 Unterhaching, Germany, Tel.: +49 89 / 248809-0, Email: by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email) concerning your decision to cancel said contract. You can use the enclosed sample cancellation form if you wish, although this is not mandatory.

To maintain the right of cancellation it is sufficient that you send off the notice of your intention to exercise the right of cancellation before the cancellation period expires.

Consequences of cancellation

If you cancel this contract, we are obligated to promptly repay all payments you have made received by us including shipping costs (excluding additional costs arising from your choosing a delivery type other than the cheaper, standard delivery offered by us) no later than fourteen days after receiving notification from you of your intention to cancel the contract. For this repayment, we use the same payment method used by you during the original transaction, unless another payment method was expressly agreed with you; under no circumstances will you be paid compensation as a result of this repayment.

We can refuse the repayment until we have received the goods back or until you have provided evidence that you have sent back the goods, depending on which is earlier.

In every case, you are to return or hand over the goods to our logistics centre in Freiburger Str. 7, 86156 Augsburg-Gersthofen no later than fourteen days from the day on which you inform us of your intention to cancel the contract. The deadline is considered as complied with if you send off the goods before expiration of the period of fourteen days.

We bear the costs for returning the goods.

You must only pay compensation for any loss of value in the goods if this loss of value is due to handling by you not associated with inspection of the quality, properties and functioning of the goods.

b) Sample cancellation form
Sample cancellation form

(If you wish to cancel the contract, please fill in this form and send it back.)

- To:

Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH
Biberger Str. 93
82008 Unterhaching, Germany

Phone: +49 89 / 248809-0

- I/we (*) hereby cancel the contract concluded by me/us (*) concerning the purchase of the following goods (*)/performance of the following service (*)

- Ordered on (*)/received on (*)

- Name(s) of the consumer(s)

- Address of the consumer(s)

- Signature of the consumer(s) (only for notice provided in paper form)

- Date
(*) Please cross out as appropriate.



§ 4 Voluntary Right of Return

(1) We also offer you the following voluntary right of return which is independent of your statutory right of cancellation:

All products of Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH can be sent back to Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH within 60 days of receipt of the goods, in so far as the goods are complete and are in an unused and undamaged condition.

For shrink-wrapped products (e.g. ink or toner), this means that we will only accept goods if they are still in their unopened shrink wrap and, if applicable, still feature an undamaged seal.

(2) We assume return shipping costs in so far as you register the return with our customer service department and use the consignment note or shipping label supplied by us.

(3) For this repayment, we will use the same payment method as used for the original transaction unless something to the contrary has been expressly agreed with you. Only for non-Euro payments: potential losses incurred through currency fluctuations will not be compensated.

(4) Returns must be sent to: Media-Concept GmbH, Freiburger Str. 7, 86156 Augsburg-Gersthofen, Germany.

For Switzerland you will receive a Swiss return address when you register your return in our customer service.

(5) If you return all the items in an order in accordance with this voluntary return right, we will refund the purchase price paid and any paid shipping costs. For partial returns, we will refund the purchase price for the corresponding returned items, but not the shipping costs.

This right of return does not affect your statutory rights, including your statutory right of cancellation.


§ 5 Title Retention

 (1) For consumers, the seller retains title to the goods until the purchase price has been paid in full. For entrepreneurs, the seller retains title to the goods until all claims from an ongoing business relationship have been settled

(2) If the customer is in breach of the contract, especially payment arrears, erroneous information provided by the customer concerning their creditworthiness, or if an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings is made; the seller is entitled - if applicable, after setting a deadline - to rescind the contract and demand the return of the goods, in so far as the customer has not fulfilled their contractual obligations, or not in full.


§ 6 Remuneration

(1) The sales price stated is binding. The purchase price includes statutory sales tax, or the gross and net prices are to be explicitly indicated alongside one another. Shipping costs shall be incurred in accordance with the chosen shipping method.

(2) The customer is obligated to pay the entire price within 7 days of receiving the order confirmation by email, or the invoice. Once this deadline has passed, the customer will enter into payment arrears. During payment arrears, the consumer is to pay interest on the debt at 5 percentage points above the base rate. During payment arrears, the entrepreneur is to pay interest totalling 9 percentage points above the base rate. The seller reserves the right to assert higher damages against the entrepreneur due to payment arrears. The entrepreneur shall also owe a lump sum payment of 40 euros if requested for payment while in arrears. This shall also apply if the entrepreneur is in arrears for a down payment or any other installment. The seller reserves the right to assert higher damages against the entrepreneur due to payment arrears. The lump sums from Section 5 shall be credited to a due compensation claim if the damage is due to the costs of legal proceedings.

For Switzerland, the following applies: Default of payment: Handling fee (at the earliest from day 70 after date of invoice when commited to a collection service) depending on the amount of the claim, maximum amount in Swiss franc: 50 (up to 20), 70 (up tp 50), 100 (up to 100), 120 (up to 150), 149 (up to 250), 195 (up to 500), 308 (up to 1500), 448 (up to 3000), 1100 (up to 10000), 1510 (up to 20000), 2658 (up to 50000), 6% of the debt claim (from 50000).

(3) The customer only has the right to off-set if their counter claims are legally established, recognised or not contested by the seller. The buyer’s right to off-set regarding contractual and other claims arising from the initiation or execution of this contract shall remain unaffected. The customer can only exercise a right of retention if their counter claim is based on the same contractual relationship.

(4) Voucher codes

1. Voucher codes or promotion codes have various expiry dates and can only be applied per promotion for the purchase of all or only selected items. The specific expiry date of your code will be stipulated in the form of participation conditions during the course of the promotion.

2 It is not possible to exchange the voucher/promotion code or receive its monetary equivalent.

3 Upon receipt of the voucher/promotional code, the seller assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, destroyed or illegally redeemed codes.

4 The seller reserves the right to cancel or block codes, provided there is a valid reason for such an action, for example in the case of loss or misuse.

5 Information on returning articles from orders made using a voucher/promotion code:

If you make use of your right of cancellation in accordance with § 3 or voluntary right of return in accordance with § 4, the discounted purchase price shall be refunded to you. If you cancel or return an order which originally contained several items, the value of the promotional code will be proportionally deducted from the total price of the item and you will receive the corresponding refund. The promotional code shall be proportionally forfeited in accordance with the value of the returned item. If all items are cancelled or returned, the promotion code is forfeited and your original purchase amount will be refunded. There is no entitlement to a refund or replacement of a voucher/ promotional code from a promotion.


§ 7 Shipping/Delivery Restrictions

(1) A list of the delivery methods offered for your delivery country can be found on our website under ‘Shipping’. This also contains other European delivery countries.

(2) The costs for the offered shipping types and restrictions on free shipping can be found on our website under ‘Shipping’.

(3) The delivery time period will be indicated on the respective offer site. The beginning of the delivery period depends on the payment type used in accordance with paragraphs 4 to 5.

(4) For payments made by immediate transfer, PayPal or credit card, the delivery period begins one day after issuing the instruction for payment. The period begins one day after the order is made for all other payment types. For orders made on a weekday by 18:30 and Saturdays by 15:00, the delivery period begins on the same working day.

(5) If the beginning or end of the delivery period falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the beginning/end shall be deferred until the next working day.

(6) The seller draws attention to § 2 Para. 4 of these T&Cs which stipulates that delivery is subject to the proviso that we ourselves are properly supplied in timely manner.

(7) The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries in so far as a partial delivery would be reasonable for the customer while taking into consideration their own interests. The customer shall not incur any extra costs thereby.


§ 8 Payment Options

(1) An overview of the payment options offered for your delivery country can be found on our website under ‘Payment’. This also contains other European delivery countries.

(2) A cost-free payment option will always be offered. Any other costs that may arise from another payment method can be found on our website under ‘Payment’.

(3) Public institutions reserve the right to purchase on account. For new customers there is a maximum limit up to which purchase on account is possible. This limit applies to the entire customer account, and also includes outstanding amounts from earlier orders on account.

(4) For payment on account, and in other cases if justified, the seller shall verify and assess the data provided by the customer and administer data exchanging with other companies within the group network of the seller and credit agencies. To make their decision regarding the use of the payment on account method, the seller uses probability values for assessing credit risk, which are based on the data provided by a commercial law firm (First Debit, Am Pulverschopen 17, 59071 Hamm, Germany) alongside the seller’s own data. The calculations of probability values are based on a scientifically recognised mathematical statistical process. The named companies are also commissioned to validate the address details provided by the customer.

(5) For payment by PayPal, the customer must log into The terms of use of apply

(6) For payments by SEPA direct debit, the simplified direct debit mandate is used and the seller is thus no longer explicitly informed of the direct debit. Payment is generally debited 4-5 days following delivery of the goods. Partial deliveries are charged in line with the proportion of goods delivered.

(7) For payment by credit card, a (pre-authorised) reservation of the amount is put in place upon completing the order. The credit card account will only be debited upon delivery of the goods.


§ 9 Transfer of Risk

(1) For consumers, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the sold goods passes onto the consumer upon delivery of the goods; the same shall also apply to sales shipments.

(2) For entrepreneurs, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the goods is assumed by the entrepreneur upon being handed over; and for sales shipments this risk passes onto the entrepreneur upon delivery of the goods to the shipping company, freight carrier or other persons or institutions specified by the entrepreneur for execution of the shipment.

(3) The handover shall remain the same if the customer delays acceptance of the goods.


§ 10 Warranty

(1) The customer has statutory warranty rights which are modified in accordance with §§ 10, 11 of these T&Cs.

(2) Ordered goods may differ slightly within reason from those depicted online. We refer you to § 2 Para. 1 of these T&Cs.

(3) Consumers have the choice of demanding fulfilment via improvement or a replacement delivery. The seller is entitled to reject the chosen type of supplementary performance if it is only feasible through incurring disproportionate costs and if the other type of remedy would not pose any significant disadvantages for the consumer. For companies, the seller shall fulfil their obligations with regard to defective goods at their own discretion through improvement or replacement delivery.

(4) Should the supplementary performance fail, the customer can in principle either demand for the purchase price to be reduced (reduction), cancellation of the contract (withdrawal) or compensation instead of performance. While taking into account mutual interests, the customer has no right to withdraw from the contract for insignificant defects. Instead of compensation in lieu of performance, the customer can demand compensation for wasted expenditure incurred in good faith that the goods would be delivered in accordance with § 284 BGB (German civil code). Should the customer choose compensation in lieu of performance, the liability limitations shall be in accordance with § 11 Para. 1 of these T&Cs.

(5) Entrepreneurs must notify the seller of obvious defects concerning the delivered goods within a period of 2 weeks following receipt of the goods, otherwise the assertion of warranty claims is excluded. Punctual sending of information or prompt notification shall be sufficient to satisfy the deadline. § 377 HGB (German commercial code) shall apply to merchants.

(6) If the customer is an entrepreneur, only the seller’s product description shall be deemed as the characteristics of the goods. Public statements, recommendations or advertisements of the manufacturer do not represent the contractual characteristics of the goods.

(7) The warranty period for consumers totals 2 years following delivery of the goods In derogation thereof, the warranty period for entrepreneurs totals 1 year following delivery. For used items, the warranty period also only totals 1 year following delivery of the goods. The one-year warranty period does not apply if the seller is culpable of gross negligence, and also not in the event of damage to body and health and loss of life of the customer if attributable to the seller, nor in the event of a warranty or delivery recourse in accordance with §§ 478, 479 BGB. The liability of the seller pursuant to the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

(8) Notwithstanding Para. 7, the regular period of limitation shall apply if the seller has fraudulently concealed a defect.

(9) The seller grants to the customer no guarantees in the legal sense, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Manufacturer guarantees remain unaffected.


§ 11 Limitations of Liability/ Force Majeure

(1) In the event of slightly negligent breaches of duty, liability shall be limited to forseeable, direct average damage typical for the contract according to the type of goods involved. This also applies to the slightly negligent breaching of duties by the seller’s legal representatives or fulfilment/vicarious agents. The seller is not liable for insignificant contractual obligations in the event of slightly negligent breaches. Instead, the seller is liable for the breaching of the legal interests of the customer which are material to the contract. Legal interests which are material to the contract are those which have to be granted to the customer by the contract in accordance with the content of the contract and its purpose. Furthermore, the seller assumes liability for breaches of obligations whose fulfilment is essential to the proper execution of the contract and upon compliance with which the customer should be able to depend.

(2) The aforementioned limitations of liability do not affect claims of the customer based on guarantees and/or product liability. Furthermore, the limitations of liability do not apply in cases of fraudulent intent, breaches of contractual obligations, and damage to the body or health or loss of life of the customer, if said effects are attributable to the seller.

(3) The seller only assumes liability for proprietary content on their website and online shop. If links are provided to enable access to other websites, the seller shall not be held responsible for the external content contained therein. The external content does not become proprietary. The seller will immediately block access to these sites if the seller becomes aware of illegal content on external websites.

(4) If the seller is unable to provide their services or unable to provide them on time due to force majeure, they are entitled to postpone delivery for the duration of the force majeure event.

(5) Force majeure includes all events that are or were unforeseeable for the seller or – even if they were foreseeable – are or were beyond the seller's sphere of influence and the seller can or could not prevent through reasonable effort their effects on the fulfilment of the contract.

(6) If the customer cannot be expected to accept the service (delivery) due to the delay, they may withdraw from the contract by means of a corresponding declaration in writing (letter, fax, email) to the seller.

(7) The seller and the customer are entitled to withdraw from the contract by means of a corresponding declaration in writing (letter, fax, email) one month after the occurrence of force majeure, provided that the force majeure event lasts until then. In the event of such a withdrawal, in addition to the resulting claims pursuant to §§ 346 ff. BGB (German Civil Code), in particular the restitution of services already received, no other claims can be derived against the other party.

(8) The above paragraphs also apply to other unforeseeable events caused by the coronavirus situation at the time the contract was concluded and for which the seller is not responsible (e.g. difficulties in procuring materials or power, transport delays, shortage of workers, power or raw materials, official measures, or missing/delayed deliveries from suppliers).



§ 12 Final Provisions

(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. For consumers not concluding the contract for business or commercial purposes, this choice of law only applies in so far as the granted protection is not withdrawn due to mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which the consumer is habitually resident. The provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods do not apply. § 13 Para. 3 P. 1 TDSG (Teleservice Data Protection Act) remains unaffected.

(2) If the customer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or special fund under public law, the place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contract shall be the court responsible for the location of the seller’s office, except in the case of an exclusive place of jurisdiction. However, the seller is also entitled to bring legal charges against the merchant through the court at their residence or place of business. Jurisdiction based an exclusive place of jurisdiction remains unaffected.

(3) We are  obligated to inform you, that with a view to the so-called online dispute settlement on the European Comission an corresponding online platform will be held ready.  You can call up this platform with the following link: In this context we are furthermore under a duty to inform you about our e-mail adress. The adress is as follows:

We are neither willing nor committed to participate in dispute resolution procedures from consumer arbitration agencies.  Information according to § 36, paragraph 1 Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz (VSBG). 



II. Customer information on concluding distance selling contracts and further information on the electronic conclusion of contracts.  

A. Customer information on concluding distance selling contracts 

The following information is used to fulfill our legal obligation to provide information in the case of distance sales contracts and e-commerce.

Our General Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) can be found via the following link: General Terms and Conditions.
You will receive all the information in text form upon delivery at the latest. You can choose to print out this information or store it on your hard drive.


1. Identity of the Provider

You are concluding distance sales contracts with

Media-Concept GmbH
Biberger Straße 93
82008 Unterhaching

Tel.: +49 89 24 88 09 - 0
Fax: +49 89 24 88 09 - 999


Managing directors: Andreas Gebauer, Sebastian Köhler, Ulrich Seidel
Commercial register court: Amtsgericht München (District court of Munich)
Commercial register number: HRB 141494

VAT ID no.: DE 813471470


2 Conclusion of Contract

For orders made via the online form on our website, you make a binding offer for the conclusion of a sales contract after filling in the electronic ordering form (see B1) by clicking on the ‘Buy now’ button. You can change or view the data at any time before submitting the order.

The seller will promptly confirm receipt of the customer’s order by email. The order will be displayed during the course of automated order submission and it can be printed out using the ‘Print’ function.

The text of the contract is saved by the seller and sent to the customer by email along with the legally effective T&Cs following contract conclusion.


3 Delivery and Right of Non-delivery 

(1) The delivery time period is stated on the respective offer page. The delivery period begins in accordance with § 7 Para. 3 to 4 of the T&Cs (depending on the chosen payment type).

(2) A list of the delivery methods offered for your delivery country can be found on our website under ‘Shipping’. This also contains other European delivery countries.

Delivery country

Shipping type

Delivery time

 Spain  UPS  2 - 3 days
 Italy  UPS  1 - 2 days
 France  UPS  2 - 3 days
 Great Britain  UPS  2 - 3 days
 Austria  DHL  1 - 2 days
 The Netherlands  UPS  2 - 3 days 
 Poland  UPS  2 - 3 days 


4 Purchase Price and Shipping Costs 

(1) The indicated prices are full prices in Euros and include statutory sales tax, or the gross and net prices are to be explicitly indicated alongside one another. Time-limited special promotions or discounts are to be indicated as such in the descriptions of the individual goods on our website.

(2) The costs for the offered shipping types and restrictions on free shipping can be found on our website under ‘Shipping’. 

(3) A cost-free payment option will always be offered. Any other costs that may arise from another payment method can be found on our website under ‘Payment’. 

(4) You will not incur any other additional costs during ordering through use of telecommunications.


5. Information on the German Battery Act

Many devices include batteries in their delivery scope. Batteries may also be built into some devices. As a retailer, we are obliged to notify our customers of the following information related to the use of such batteries – or devices with built-in batteries – in accordance with the Battery Act:


Batteries are not to be disposed of in general domestic waste. This is expressly forbidden by the Battery Act. As an end consumer, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. Please dispose of your used batteries at a municipal collection point, or return the batteries free-of-charge to the point of purchase. Batteries received from us can be returned to us without charge to the following address; they can also be sent by post.


Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH
Freiburger Str. 7
D-86156 Augsburg-Gersthofen


This information can also be found in the documents accompanying the delivery, or in the operating manual of the respective manufacturer.

More detailed information on the Battery Act can be obtained from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (

Batteries which contain harmful substances are identified by a symbol of a crossed-out waste container. The chemical description of the substance can be found close to this symbol.

Cd = Battery contains cadmium 
Pb = Battery contains lead 
Hg = Battery contains mercury
Li   = Battery contains lithium 
Ni  = Battery contains nickel 
Zi = Battery contains zinc 
Mh = Battery contains metal hydride

6. Note on Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act

Used devices which contain harmful substances are identified with a symbol depicting a crossed-out waste container- similar to the following symbol:

Please dispose of your used devices as stipulated by the legislature at a municipal waste collection point, or return them free of charge to the retailer/point of purchase. It is expressly forbidden for them to be disposed of in domestic waste! Before being returned, batteries and accumulators are to be removed - where possible – in such a way that they are not damaged and continue to be identifiable following their removal. Used devices often contain sensitive personally-identifiable data. This particularly applies to devices from the field of information and communication technology, such as computers and smartphones. In your interest, please be aware that you as the end consumer have sole responsibility for deleting data on used devices which are to be disposed of. Devices received from us can be returned to us free-of-charge following use by sending them by post to:

Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH
Freiburger Str. 7
86156 Augsburg-Gersthofen

These notices can also be found in the documents accompanying the delivery or in the manufacturer’s operating manual.


B. Further customer information on electronic contract conclusion 

The following information does not constitute contractual conditions. 

1. How does concluding a contract online with us work?

You can view items on our website by clicking on them. You can move an item into your basket by clicking on the ‘Add to basket’ button in the product list or on the page containing the product details, or by clicking on the shopping basket symbol.

The basket contents will be displayed on the right-hand side of the online shop. 

If you wish to order the goods contained in your shopping basket, click on the ‘Checkout’ button within the shopping basket to start the order process.

At this point, you will also be given the chance to view our detailed notice of cancellation, our general terms and conditions, our data protection policies as well as a detailed notice of cancellation via the respective links.

By submitting your order, you agree to the general terms and conditions, the data protection policy as well as the provisions concerning cookies and Internet advertising. You will simultaneously declare your acknowledgement of the existing cancellation policy in the T&Cs.

Then you enter your address data and select your desired shipping and payment types. If you wish you to enter a different delivery address, or you want the goods to be sent to a packing station, put a tick in the relevant box.

You will find an overview of your selected goods on the right-hand side.

By clicking on the ‘Buy now’ button, you submit a binding offer for conclusion of a sales contract for the ordered goods.

We will promptly confirm receipt of your order by email.


2. Saving of contract text and access for customers

We will save your order details and promptly send these to you in a confirmation email. You will receive our T&Cs by email upon contract conclusion at the latest.


3. Entry errors 

You will be able to correct your details at any point during the ordering process by making the alteration in the respective field. You can change the number of items by clicking on the ‘Quantity’ field in the shopping basket to adjust the quantity using the plus and minus symbols.

You can cancel the entire order process at any time by closing the Internet browser.


4. Language of Contract

The languages available for concluding the contracts depend on the delivery country:

Germany German
Austria German
Spain Spanish
Italy Italian
France French
Great Britain English
The Netherlands Dutch
Poland Polish


More information on all of these points can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.