Epson C13T26364010

Epson T2636 multipack black / cyan / magenta / yellow (C13T26364010)

multipackmultipack black / cyan / magenta / yellow
Genuine Epson XL multipack of economic XL inks for a precise and colourfast printed image. 4 inks XL: T2621 + T2632 + T2633 + T2634


VAT incl., plus shipping costs

directly from stock

Delivery time 1-2 days

T2621 black
~500 pages
4.5 p / page
T2632 cyan
~700 pages
3.2 p / page
T2633 magenta
~700 pages
3.0 p / page
T2634 yellow
~700 pages
3.0 p / page

Product information "Epson T2636 multipack black / cyan / magenta / yellow (C13T26364010)"

Save money with individual inks
Epson’s individual inks give you further savings as you only need to replace the colour used.

Reduce your printing costs with XL inks
Epson offers a choice of standard or extra large (XL) ink cartridges across its latest ink ranges. XL inks are ideal if you print high volumes and can reduce your printing costs by up to 25%2.

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